Share Agent Spots

  1. S.A.S ( share agents spots )  these are limited spots for an agreement with colour magazine under the we grow, I grow plan. E.g Bloggers, musicians, artists, writers, designers, models, the list goes on. 

DETAILS: A group of carefully chosen individuals allowed to work with colour magazines to archive a certain goal under Wi Growth. They will be given the opportunity to share their works under colour for free while sharing colour to the world. They will also have a free products from colour.

To become a share agent

  1. you must have an account with at least instagram and facebook.
  2. have a page of yourself or your product or what you do on facebook.
  3. be able to share content of colour to friends.
  4. must have clear and creative pictures.
  5. must have an interest for colour magazines Zambia.

With these in place you can simply request to be a share agent in the section of your choice. ( below is a list of some sections you might be familiar with) send a message or DM on any of our accounts or email the following “make me a share agent

The section are: 

  • Musicians
  • Models
  • Artists/makeup artists/ graphics designers
  • Fashion designers/ fashion bloggers
  • Any other bloggers
  • Chefs,cooks, food photographers and food bloggers.
  • Photographers, selfie pros
  • Agriculturists, agricultural bloggers
  • More sections to be added.

If you feel your section was left out.. Write to us and add your section to the above

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