COLOUR MAG Daily DIY Special ( with lyness luo)

lyness luo

Colour magazines brings you a whole new DIY (do it yourself) segment. For all those with creative minds, and a touch of art in their daily lives. Check out our daily posts and see how you can make your do anything moments interesting by trying out our DIYs. Every day we feature DIYs and DIY ideas to keep you busy, and help you pimp that one old T-shirt you feel like disposing off. Those hardware tools laying around your garage that you feel are of no use, or the kitchen ware that seems to be boring you with its simplicity. How about you make it sophisticated? What if Colour mag had all the ideas to brighten up your home, your room, your gardens, your garage or even you closet?
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Are you tired of carrying the same old hand bag? You can make it new and fabulous with today’s DIY.



Here’s what you will need: A hand bag, cotton fabric with a large floral pattern, painter’s tape, mod podge, craft paint, 2 small plastic dishes, 2 brushes and a pair of scissors.

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Every girl wants their nails to look beautiful, captivating and colourful. Today’s DIY is something for our colour girls. Nails!!!


You will need: 2 colour polishes and top coat, a sponge, a plastic sheet and tooth picks.


What to do:
-using the lighter of the 2 colours paint your nails and wait to dry completely. On a flat surface, paint a generous amount of the colours right next to each other on to the plastic. Using the tooth picks, swirl the 2 colours where they meet together.


February, the month of ‘LOVE’ is approaching. Are you still thinking of what to get your special someone? Well nothing is more special than a thought from the heart. The little things done out of one’s creative mind. Colour mag is here for you. Check out today’s DIY and worry no more.



All you need is a permanent marker (colour of your choice) and a porcelain mug that you want to alter permanently.

Just draw on the surface of your mug and bake the mug for 30 minutes at 350 degrees. Allow them to cool completely before washing or using.

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