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MPHATSO ( MY STORY ).. part one

                        For the first time in my life I realized how real it was, I was going to have a baby soon. I figured it out that way, it just happened so fast. I do recall we were going to a friends’ party. Mubita and I had known each other for half a year then, he was the nicest person I had ever met. He was a handsome young man and loved to chat mostly about how he felt about me. After that awesome party we went to his house, well actually it was his fathers’ house. No one was around at the time making us the owners of the whole place. We owned the place, we dance and we sang. Clearly that was an awesome moment, if I could grasp it I would make it last an entire life time . My thoughts were interrupted by a sudden open door. Read on?


I honestly don’t remember what happened, as a matter of fact, I really didn’t care at the time, who would? My mind was so engulfed in pain it literally wiped out my memory. As every passing moment brought me closer and closer to reality all I wanted to do was to make it stop.  The pain , the cry’s, the flashes of light as nurses rushed me to the ICU , the scent of death that loamed the air ; I just wanted to wake up and realize it was all a dream and I was on my bed wishing for two more minutes of sleep. But I wasn’t anywhere near home, I was on the edge of life watching time pass me by, the only…..Read on?

cold signed ( based on a true story )

The next thing I remember is someone waking me up. I looked up at the man’s confused face. “how did you get here” he asked. I looked around and I was sitting on the pavement. I think I began to understand the strangers question more. It was still dark so I might have not passed out for a long time. “I came here with the owner of this house” Note also that I was still outside his house. The man was perplexed “I work here as a guard, have been working here for years now, the man you speak of has been dead for years … the pen you said he came to pick up was a present from his wife before he died..”

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