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Are you tired of carrying the same old hand bag? You can make it new and fabulous with today’s DIY



Here’s what you will need: A hand bag, cotton fabric with a large floral pattern, painter’s tape, mod podge, craft paint, 2 small plastic dishes, 2 brushes and a pair of scissors.Start by taping off the edges and hardware parts of the bag.

bag-6Squeeze a dollop of coloured craft paint into a small disposable container. Apply a layer of paint to the desired section.Allow the first layer to dry completely.

Apply another coat or two. While the paint dries, carefully cut out a handful of flowers from the fabric.



Arrange them onto the painted section of the bag. Glue the flowers on with the mod podge and seal them bybag-5 applying another on top. Remove the painter’s tape when the mod podge has dried clear


Now you have your stylish hand bag to flaunt around.

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February, the month of ‘LOVE’ is approaching. Are you still thinking of what to get your special someone? Well nothing is more special than a thought from the heart. The little things done out of one’s creative mind. Colour mag is here for you. Check out today’s DIY and worry no more. read moreslide3

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Getting that job (CMZ 2016)


For most of us school is a key to almost any job right. Well of course we have been told that education is the key, I wonder what is the lock or the door. This is probably how you envisioned your life. Get straight A, that degree and apply… Bahm!!! You are called ,you get the job …..was that a little sarcastic ?

Fine, allow me to go over this again. You are accepted to college, you work so hard that you finally have that degree and then the hunt which eventually pays off in getting that job, I mean you are a degree holder which would make some actually beg for you to join their company right…well…not all that seems so might turn out so. Like money and others the world knowledge is expanding. People are searching for something to hold on to. Here is a practical explanation or should I say logical explanation. A company puts up an ad offering a job. They are looking for someone who is a degree holder, under the age of 28 ( remember its their company and they do have the right to be specific) and experience of at least three years or more. You fit that description perfectly….. You apply and are picked for interview only to find out people with exactly the same qualifications and more  there waiting . It might not be clear what their qualifications would be, but seeing them there would obviously give them away. What makes you think you are perfect for the job? read more by getting the free ebook magazine


Pashion for fassion #2 celine’s dress 


The youth came up with their own style added to the colour magazine december 2016 issue.. And passion for fashion took advantage of this to produce articles like the above… Read more about it by downloading the free magazine Download here

passion for fashion

A glorious section of the colour magazines, passion for fashion for all those fashion lovers, designers, critics and so on. passion for fashion is a dedicated fashion section here to answer all your fashion question and request, price and the latest to the trending . Africa, Asia, Europe and the USA fashion in one… don’t be left out…embrace the fashion.

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