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DJ Mzenga man on metalic

welcome to the best talk on music, Metalic…….where the coolest music is found. The 2016 colour magazines December issue hosted one of Zambia’s most talked about and heard of DJs. DJ mzenga man…..bringing to the speakers his  2016  album THE BIG BOSS..

DJ Mzenga Man is a multi- award winning music producer who has Produced music for almost all the well known Zambian Musicians of the current times. he has produced Award winning and Radio top charting songs since 2012 to date for musicians such as Macky 2, Slapdee, Exile, Petersen, Ozzy, Danny, Chef 187, Cleo Ice Queen, Roberto, Bobby East and many more…


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Do they?


Jk and slapdee…… Zambia’s well known artist/superstars. Both come from way back in the history of zambian music with Jk being the longest performing artist. He became most popular with his song “kagelo” while slapdee came afterwards with songs like “asembe”. The two artist haven’t shown any similar interest for all we know, not even there music has a similar touch.

Just recently someone brought up something that had me thinking…. Do slapdee and jk look alike?  I quickly jumped to the response saying no way!  But when I was alone I realised that maybe there could be sense in what he was saying.. So I begun to search and compare.. And I came up with photos.. I was inclined to think the same in some pictures compared…

Do you agree?  

If so what do you think makes them look alike?  

My research brought out that they have both reached the top of their career and have gained alittle weight since they first started… The glasses too add up to there similarities…. So there actually  is minute similarities between the two.. Don’t you agree?