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February, the month of ‘LOVE’ is approaching. Are you still thinking of what to get your special someone? Well nothing is more special than a thought from the heart. The little things done out of one’s creative mind. Colour mag is here for you. Check out today’s DIY and worry no more. read moreslide3

he is cheating….but not even he knows

cheaterCheating and he has no idea…..
Can this be possible? So we passed the question round. What charac-teristics do the ladies see in their man to suggest he is cheating? The answers we got were amazing, some said his attitude towards them changes, frequent fights, lack of in-terest, secrets ,guilt others even went as far as pictures, chats and likes become confusing and hidden behind passwords. On the other hand some had no idea…they had never been cheated on before or are simply clueless….strange.
Let’s believe all these are right, do all guys act the same though? If five normal guys were put in front of you it’s likely to find at least two, three or four of the characteristics. “The good at what they do kind of guys” might drop it to one and a ridiculous zero. These kind of guys can cheat the entire re-lationship and no one will ever no-tice or even suspect, but we can stick to the noticeable ones leaving that for another topic.
juliana noticed these charac-teristics and immediately jumped to the obvious conclusion. She begun to keep a close eye on him, tried to check his phone regularly. Spied on him if possible, wrote down his characteristics and everything else. This dude really was cheating on her surely every girl would have ad-vised, well even some guys off course. NOTE that guys would ra-ther not give an opinion on that. She read different articles on th24colour-magazine-summer-edition-2016-93e is-sue and discovered even more char-acteristics like the ones below that was leading her to something else, something new.
1. lose of self esteem.
3.Short tempered.
4.Reduction on compliments.
5.Interest in the future of the relationship is lost.
6.Starts to suspect and accuse you of cheating .
7.Emotionally distant and up sent minded .

read more from the colour magazine 2016 December issue……

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Getting that job (CMZ 2016)


For most of us school is a key to almost any job right. Well of course we have been told that education is the key, I wonder what is the lock or the door. This is probably how you envisioned your life. Get straight A, that degree and apply… Bahm!!! You are called ,you get the job …..was that a little sarcastic ?

Fine, allow me to go over this again. You are accepted to college, you work so hard that you finally have that degree and then the hunt which eventually pays off in getting that job, I mean you are a degree holder which would make some actually beg for you to join their company right…well…not all that seems so might turn out so. Like money and others the world knowledge is expanding. People are searching for something to hold on to. Here is a practical explanation or should I say logical explanation. A company puts up an ad offering a job. They are looking for someone who is a degree holder, under the age of 28 ( remember its their company and they do have the right to be specific) and experience of at least three years or more. You fit that description perfectly….. You apply and are picked for interview only to find out people with exactly the same qualifications and more  there waiting . It might not be clear what their qualifications would be, but seeing them there would obviously give them away. What makes you think you are perfect for the job? read more by getting the free ebook magazine