Colour magazines is the next generation magazine,  the only magazine with a sense of humor. Don’t be blown off by the fact that is a magazine though,  the world of colour is a multy purpose plan building up the next generation for a better future through creativity, skill and talent… It is a world that doesn’t discriminate due to qualification. At colour we take advantage of what one can do dispit them having no college degree… But skill and talent. Here we believe in you.


To become africa’s most influential and creative magazine,  to fight the lack of employment, to creat attractive business documents for individuals and companies,  to promote skill and tallent among the youth,  the most recorgnised art and design,  provide a simple way of advertising for both sole traders, whole sellers and manufacturers.  To entertain a bored mind and inspire the next generation. Simply the best.

Colour magazine is already one of zambia’s most creative initiative that has google filed up with activities from colour magazine,  our Blog is like wise informative and exciting and has a growing number of viewers everyday



Easy_ad is an initiative that allows advertising from the bottom up… In short from the smallest business to the well paying enormous business.  Easy_ad gives you a chance to stand among the well established minds.

Here is an interesting fact: you do not need to have a business to advertise on easy_ad, you can be an artist trying to reach out to your viewers or listeners or sharing your terms for booking, selling just one particular equipment or a hair stylist. You can advertise your self, easy and fun advertising 

Good food

The most creative Africa and the world’s food and recipes . From food art and photography to advertising food in one place….the heaven of food.


A mixture of fashion ideas and brands, fashion lovers and critics, designers and fans. find out what’s trending close to you and why it is so. Passion for fashion is a great platform for youths in to fashion.. the most creative designer can change a rag into a trend…


A random gallery set to show the world that you can love who you are how you look like and still be appreciated. If no one can accept you like that colour magazine accepts you through be you, be cute. break out of that shell you are not all that bad…… HERE TO PROMOTE CONFIDENCE

for more details or questions you would like to ask send us an email at ask@colourmagazines.com

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