cold signed ( based on a true story )

You have heard of horror stories that shocked the world, stories that made one almost jump out of their own skin. Stories like the conjuring….. Uuuuh the mention of it gives me the shivers. It might be reconstructed but truth still roams in it right? The supernatural happenings? Do you by any chance believe in Ghosts? Do they actually exist? Well I don’t ….. Was what I said before the cold signed.

The night was peaceful as it had always been, first people rushing to get home then sudden calm. I had just knocked off from work, and though I was tired I decided to walk home to save some of the transport money for something important. As I walked down the road, a white man parked and offered to give me a ride home. He seemed nice so I jumped in and he drove us away. Home was still far off so we had a nice chat, we talked about a lot. He took me to woodpecker inn which stood at the same spot wood-lands pick and pay stands today. We had a wonderful time, had a few bears and danced, he even said he liked me. I no longer felt he was nice but knew he was. My home was far off in Mutendere, we got to woodlands and he said “can I just pick up my pen from home and then we can Proceed, if that’s okay with you.” it wasn’t my car so I was inclined to say yes……the gate was opened and we drove into the car park. I was smart and vowed not to go with him into his house. I stayed in the car while he went in. Minutes later the lights were on in one of the rooms to what I Presume was his room.

The next thing I remember is someone waking me up. I looked up at the man’s confused face. “how did you get here” he asked. I looked around and I was sitting on the pavement. I think I began to understand the strangers question more. It was still dark so I might have not passed out for a long time. “I came here with the owner of this house” Note also that I was still outside his house. The man was perplexed “I work here as a guard, have been working here for years now, the man you speak of has been dead for years … the pen you said he came to pick up was a present from his wife before he died..”


Blood ran from my face as the gate man continued. “after his death his wife and kids went back to the UK” frighten, I began to run. I ran as fast as I could. It was the first time I ran so much. Another car suddenly packed in front of me, I ran closer and discover it was the same car ,same man. The most shocking thing I was ever made to see. “ why did you run away?” he asked “I just went into the house for a few minutes, get in let me drop you off” I was afraid, now I knew I was dealing with a ghost. I would make it angry if I reject its offer, I thought to my self…I got into the car and he drove off.

He took me home, a confused and scared young lady I was. With the pen he picked up from home he wrote me a Cheque of K20 (at that time it was a lot of money) I thanked him and threw it in my purse. The next thing I remember is that I fell onto my bed and fell asleep… it had been a long night. ..Maybe it was all just a dream. I woke up the next morning and ran to the purse, slowly I opened it……and there it was….signed by the mystery ghost….

by Patrick Rasy #R.E.A.D.Z (colour stories )

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